New beginnings

New beginnings, not only a new place to live but also a new virtual home.

I have decided to start blogging again after a long break. A break that was much needed, for me and for us, after our move in May to Björkåsa, an old farmhouse south of Hässleholm/ Sweden. The weeks passed, turned into months and all of the sudden it felt like the wrong moment to return to my old blog that I had kept for seven long years. A place with trapped air, dusty posts and a door that I had closed in spring.

Instead, it seemed like the perfect moment to start with a new journal with blank pages, to sharpen my pencil and to simply begin to write down the first sentences and breathe fresh air. I look forward to filling this journal with notes from Björkåsa and to sharing thoughts, ideas, stories and beautiful moments with you. Enjoy your stay!



  1. I am really happy you decided to make this new start. I just read all your new stories and I liked it a lot. It felt I was in Sweden for a little while. Greetings from the Netherlands.


    • Thank you so much for your comment, dear Sandra. I am looking forward to sharing stories, photos and glimpses from our everyday life with you. Sending you warm greetings from the wintry North!

  2. Christine

    So very glad you are back. How can I sign up for your updates?

  3. Hej Juliane,

    You’re back again. We were wondering where you’ve been hiding for such a long time.

    Hope the break was a good one, but we’re glad to see your inspiring stories have found a new home. Thanks for sending a mail telling us about this new blog.

    Groeten uit Nederland van Juffrouw Mier & co.

    • Oh, thank you so much for the warm welcome, lieve Juffrouw Mier! There could have been so many reasons for a long blog break. A million in the lottery, two broken arms or a house move… I am lucky it was the latter ;-) Glad to see you here again!

      Warmly, Juliane

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