Power Outage Knitting

Snow_days_knitting 2Snow_days_knitting 3Thirty six hours. The first snow comes and the power goes. We are waiting for the snowplough all day, watch the white splendour (waist-high in our garden) and feed the hungry woodstove with fire wood, basketsfuls. Candles on the table and on the windowsills, here at Björkåsa and everywhere else in Ljungarum.Snow_days_knitting 1

Day two and we melt snow on the kitchen stove for a proper bath in the old zinc tub (which is pretty cosy, I must say). Still no electricity, still no internet, but coffee on the stove, hot soup in large bowls and a purring cat on my lap. In the faint candle light, the needles dance in step with the music in our battery-driven radio. Another cup of coffee and then it comes to my mind that it is thanks to a thirty six hour long power outage, that I am finally about to learn how to knit. It took me more than thirty seven years and a heavy snowstorm to read a simple pattern. Better late than never…Snow_days_knitting 6