DIY Christmas Cards

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This year’s Christmas cards were simple, white, black and green. I have seen a lot of half wreaths with laurel, fir or other greenery lately and thought they might look nice on a greeting card as well.

Tools that I used: paper cutter, a glass for the circular shape, stamps and inkpad, glue, flowerpress. We have an enormous boxwood bush in our garden and I pressed the leaves for a couple of days. With hot glue, you might even be able to use fresh ones.

And yes, God jul means Merry Christmas in Swedish…

EDIT: I got a few emails regarding the flower press in this post. Mine is a vintage flower press in a classic Swedish design, bought at a flea market years ago. I have seen several of these on Tradera and Blocket, a similar one is being sold here. Unfortunately, their english website doesn’t work properly, but I am sure their customer service ( can help you to order one if you live outside Sweden.

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  1. Jean Wagner

    Merry Christmas to my sweetest Sister. This card is so lovely!

    • Thank you, Petrina! The wood tray with what-looks-like-a-rolling-pin is a large vintage flower press. This model is quite traditional in Sweden, from time to time you can find it on flea markets and several of my friends have a similar one. Perfect also for bringing old books back in shape after I carried them around in my travel bags for too long ;-)

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