Christmas Walk

Today’s Christmas Day walk from Björkåsa to Adseke, Tågarp and back home. Stormy weather and a dramatic sky, a thermos of hot cocoa and tangerines in the backpack. We left Christmas greetings at the doorsteps of friends, springerle, hand-dipped candles and jars filled with pear jam. Two farmers were ploughing the fields and we saw last night’s baby calf, still a little wobbly on its feet.

I hope you too are having cosy and joyful days. Merry Christmas from us at Björkåsa!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Juliane! I so love your blog <3

  2. Lisette

    Your neighbours must be happy to get such nice greetings. Love your mittens, they look very Swedish.

    • I am happy to have such nice neighbours, Lisette! And thank you for your nice comments on my mittens! I bought them at a local craft fair in Sösdala from an old lady last year – she made such lovely things!

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