My year in flowers

Bouquet_Collage_onebouquetperday_new Eighteen of my favourite summer bouquets from my daily #onebouquetperday series, vibrant and pale colours. The third year in a row, from the 1st of May until the 31st of October, I picked flowers in our garden and on my walks through the meadows and fields, in the bog and the woods.

When I see these photos, when I recall memories of warm afternoons, sweet raspberries and the scent of lilac, I miss summer. But all in its proper time. We are waiting for snow here at Björkåsa and I picked the first hellebores in our garden today. Winter, you are welcome.


  1. Lisette

    Love love love your daily bouquets. I am happy that you do it in 2016 again!

  2. Hi Juliane! I’ve been enjoying your floral ‘journal’ on instagram the last few months! So beautiful! Was wondering how you were doing because of the silent period but, I know moving house is a, can be an intensive experience.
    Wish you and your family all the best in this new year and (almost) new home and I will be enjoying your adventures over here!

    • So nice to see you here, Jet! And thank you for your kind words! Yes, moving houses (and businesses) was exhausting and first now I feel that we “landed” here. But we enjoy it a lot and I am happy that we made this decision. All the best for you – and hope to see you again soon here on the blog!

  3. I am so inspired by your pictures and writing… I search for serenity and your blog infuses it into my spirit

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