My most important tools

In the newest issue of Allers Trädgård, a Swedish garden magazine, you can find an interview with me about my #onebouquetperday flower series this month and why my hands are my most important tools, not only as a dollmaker.

If there is one part of the body that I would have to choose as my favourite, it would be… hands. Hands that play, hands that soothe. Hands that create. Hands that show traces of love, of work and of sacrifice. Hands that tell beautiful and strong stories about life.


  1. Lisette

    I am so glad that I found your Instagram and then discovered your blog. I have often wondered who takes all the photos of your flowers and your hands. First now I read that you take them yourself. Wow! Happy new year and many ideas and inspiration for 2016. Love your work!

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