Winter light

Winter_light 1Winter_lightWinter_light 3 A quiet day. Last night’s snowfall has covered the muddy garden in soft white blankets. January sun on my work table and a doll face to be finished, a cup of tea and the scent of hyacinths.

I hope your start into 2016 was a smooth one. Are you still enjoying your holidays or are you back in your daily routine? We try to have both this week (tomorrow is a bank holiday in Sweden) which suits me fine. Late breakfasts, long walks in the beautiful winter light and a little work. A gentle landing in the New Year, as it should be.


  1. Isabell

    Liebe Juliane, deine Bilder sind immer so stimmungsvoll. Du hast ein ganz besonderes Talent, Momente mit der Kamera festzuhalten. Ich freue mich so sehr, daß du wieder einen Blog schreibst, bei dir kann ich auftanken und mich inspirieren lassen. Du läßt eine Annäherung zu, schreibst sehr persönlich, aber nie so privat, daß man sich als Eindringling fühlt. Das finde ich sehr besonders, die Gratwanderung gelingt nicht vielen. Danke dafür und alles, alles Gute für dich und deine Lieben im neuen Jahr.

  2. Dear Juliane, I’m sorry to hear that Froken Skicklig will close it’s doors but I will keep on visiting over here, on this new beautiful home of yours. Wishing you a great year!

  3. The holidays are over now and we started working and studying. But we try to keep the holidayfeelings as long as we can. I see your start of 2016 is a good one, I hope it will stay that way.
    Greetings Sandra

    • Yes, we do the same. Although work has slowly started for the two of us, we try to pretend it is still post-Christmas. Today is a bank holiday and we have a day off, but from monday next week we are back in our daily routine, too…

  4. A gentle landing to 2016 sounds delightful! Let us wish for continued ease and happiness during this January (if only to catch our chickens by March)! Kiss. Kiss.

  5. No soft landings overhere, our three girls have to go to school again. But I hope you enjoy yours.

    Greetings from ‘slippery’ Holland. It has been raining and freezing overhere and that causes dangerous roads here in nothern Holland.

    • I hope that you will get some snow at least! And that they take care of slippery cycle paths, no fun in a fiets-loving country such as Netherlands!

  6. Å är så glad för att du lämnade en kommentar inne hos mig då att jag hittade hit till din magiska värld. Vilka vackra texter och fotografier du bjuder oss på!!


    • Tack för dina fina ord, Aggie! Jag har följt din blogg och eran resa ett tag, men det är sällan jag lämnar kommentarer – någonting jag vill bli bättre på i år! Innan jag började här så har jag bloggat under namnet Fröken Skicklig i flera år (där syns det även fler bilder på mina dockor i fall du vill ta en titt). Soliga hälsningar från Björkåsa!

  7. I so loved your photo’s Juliane, they are so beautiful and capture the light perfectly. Your doll face looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it when it is finished – what a talent you have.
    I’ve never visited Sweden but you make it seem like a magical place.
    Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year in 2016.

    • Thank you so much, dear Vivien! The winter in Skåne, the very south of Sweden, is often rather cold and rainy, not much different from England. We usually have a few weeks of snow and even if the temperatures only differ with a few degrees, I enjoy the white splendour so much more than muddy fields and grey sky. This year we also get to test our very own sledge run down our little hill. Luckily, the fen behind our barn is frozen, no risk for muddy boots and wet trousers ;-)

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