How to count snow days

It has been snowing for days. When I trudge through the snowdrifts, all the way along the raspberry bushes, I can see her from afar:

Kiki is sitting on top of what I call the tiny house. It is so teeny tiny that there is just enough space for a bucket, a pile of newspaper and a photo of a king and a queen on the wall. When you sit on the loo, you can see through a heart shaped hole in the door and catch a glimpse of the swallows in the blue sky. On a summer day, that is.

When I walk up the little path, that leads to the tiny house, breadcrumbs and sunflower seeds are scrunching under my shoes.

I cleared the walkway, Kiki says, cheerfully and sweeps snow off the roof.
I see, I say, slightly out of breath. And you gritted the path with breadcrumbs!?

You know, Kiki says, on snow days, I walk this path ninety-six times a day. Ninety-six times!
How come? I ask, and then I get a full load of snow down the back of my neck

Kiki_snow_days 8Kiki_snow_days 3To the loo and back makes twenty-four, Kiki says.
Early in the morning, then four times during the day.
One time right before midnight. Makes twenty-four.
Twenty-four times if you count both ways.

I see, I say.

Kiki_snow_days 7Kiki_snow_days 1And then I go outside for firewood, three baskets full, Kiki says.
Makes twelve times, if you count both ways.

I see, I say. And another load of snow. Down the back of my neck.

Kiki_snow_days 4Kiki_snow_daysAnd then all the snow angels, Kiki says, with a deep sigh.
Fifteen of these make sixty. Sixty times if you count both ways!

I see, I say.

Kiki_snow_days 2Kiki_snow_days 10And if I grit the path with breadcrumbs, Kiki says, I’ll don’t have to go outside.
yet another time, just to feed the birds. There are only so many hours a day!

I am at fourty-eight, not ninety-six. I say. Fourty-eight times, If I count both ways, that is.
For the walk to the loo, the firewood and the snow angels.

Pish posh, Kiki says. Snow days count double. Always.
As if you didn’t know that already!

Kiki_snow_days 5




  1. Kiki, I have missed you and Smultron Cottage so much! You are as funny as ever <3 <3 <3

    Juliane, I LOVE your work. Your photos, your charming stories. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos and this lovely story with us. Kiki is such a lovely doll and she is helpful as well.
    Take good care of yourself!

    • Dear Arlette, thank you so much! I don’t agree with Kiki being lovely. She can be quite annoying, too. Especially when she thinks she knows it all (which is the case most of the time ;-)

  3. Cecilia Fraser

    Just love it! (your stories and pics) so glad your back, at least I could find you again

    • Dear Cecilia, so glad to see you again here. Our class feels like ages ago! I hope all is fine and that you are enjoying winter <3

  4. Sweet Kiki, we have missed you so much!!! So glad that we get to read your stories from Smultron Cottage again. I remember how you made snow angels for Lucia’s Day and how you got ill the day after. Don’t forget to put on something warm, dear Kiki.

    Lots of greetings from Yara and little Bella and Nathan!

  5. Debbie Poole

    Wonderful pictures and story. Please ask Kiki to send me some snow.

  6. So glad to see you back Kiki, and you haven’t lost any of your wit! We used your recipe for Lucia buns this year and our kitchen was ever so messy!

  7. Annika

    Kiki, välkommen tillbaka! Om du visste vad jag har saknat Dig!

    Juliane, jag älskar din blogg och Instagram. Det är en sådan underbar blandning av lek, eftertanke och meditativt lugn och du har förmåga att vara personlig utan att bli privat. Att då och då se världen genom en dockas ögon förändrar perspektivet på stort och smått. Det behöver man ibland. Så roligt att du bloggar igen och jag ser fram mot sommarens buketter.

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