1. Miriam

    Julianne, you are such a natural beauty! Even if you just go outside to feed the chickens, hehe ;-) I enjoy every single post of yours. It is so inspiring to see your life at Bjorkasa!

    • Oh, thank you! But I guess that it was just a lucky moment when the photo was taken. I am happy that we live so remote that no one does pay attention whether I am wearing pj’s or a proper dress when I go and feed the chickens. One of the big advantages when living in the countryside ;-)

  2. Gloria Fragoso

    Oh and I bet those pancakes are going to be so fluffy and tasty , made with fresh laid eggs! Love your lifestyle! Pure and simple! Clean and wholesome! Your picture handfeeding the chickens evokes such tenderness. They must be the most contented chickens. And I agree with Miriam, you are a natual beauty! The goodness in your heart shines forth! I look forward to your posts and being in your company if only for a few pleasant moments! Thank you Juliane for sharing !

    • Thank you, dear Gloria! Yes, they were tasty indeed (the pancakes, not our chickens, we don’t eat meat ;-) Two of our chickens did already live here on the farm when we bought the house. We were told that Perdita (who is six years old) no longer lays eggs, but a new diet did wonders ;-)

  3. Meine schöne Juliane! Mein Herz macht jedes Mal einen Hüpfer, wenn ich bei Dir vorbeischaue. Sei ganz feste gedrückt <3 Deine Anja

  4. You look so different with your hair in a ponytail, very pretty. I very much like your new real swedish home.

    • Thank you ;-) My hair grows as fast as spinach and I got so tired going to the hairdresser once a month just to keep my bob ;-)

  5. Kristiina

    Liebe Juliane,

    möge jeder Tag Dir strahlende, glückliche Stunden bringen, die das ganze Jahr bei Dir bleiben.

  6. Tycker så himla mycket om den andra bilden på fina du och hönorna. Kram

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