Chantilly Lace and Tulle Dreams

Doll tutu detail in the snowChantilly_Lace_DreamsChantilly_Lace_Dreams 5Chantilly_Lace_Dreams 3Chantilly_Lace_Dreams 2Someone has climbed a ladder last night and cast pieces of tulle and delicate Chantilly lace in the tree tops. We woke up to a dreamy winter’s tale and I find excuses all day to stop sewing fluffy tutus for a custom doll and to go outside to admire the white splendour and the deep blue sky. A lesson in self-discipline…

I was more than happy that our neighbour Lasse interrupted my daydreaming when he came with more firewood on his old tractor today. In the early morning the thermometer had shown minus 23ºC here at Björkåsa. Winter, you live up to your name!

Chantilly_Lace_Dreams 1

Our old barn and wafts of mist over the bog


  1. Elisabeth

    So wunderwunderwunderschön, Juliane. Ich bin schon so gespannt auf das neue Puppenwesen.

  2. This is so beautiful! I feel like getting in a car and driving north to Sweden! We only had a little bit of snow this week and it’s already melting :-(

    • Thank you, dear Vera! We have had warmer temperatures for the past two days and the white splendour turned into browns and greys… However, there is still a fair chance that we will get more snow in the coming weeks…

  3. Wunder-Volle Fotos, liebe Juliane. Wahrlich ein Wintermärchen.
    Und gut zu wissen, dass ihr genügend Feuerholz habt- der Winter wird wohl noch ein Weilchen bleiben :-)

    • Oh ja, das wird er wohl! Auch wenn er sich seit gestern von seiner milderen Seite zeigt. Aber noch müssen wir ein paar Wochen durchhalten (und nichts selten sind wir im März dann doch noch durch tiefe Schneewehen gestapft) ;-)

  4. Oh how beautiful winter can be! I hope you found all the reasons possible to step away and enjoy the weather.

    • We did enjoy the weather! Something I am very grateful for because it has been thawing for the past two days – the fields look brown and the sky seems dull. But at least that means less firewood to bring inside every day ;-)

  5. So beautiful. I so miss waking up to this kind of scenery. Or winter’s here in Africa are brown and dull with smoggy grey skies and not a snowflake in sight.

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