Snow Girls

My snow girls! They have been playing outside all afternoon, building igloos and ice lanterns and snowmen. I thought it was a good idea to wrap them up in warm clothes, but half an hour later, when I looked out of the kitchen window, I saw mittens, scarfs and hats lying around in the garden like colourful confetti. Oh well…

I have made them hot cocoa and sandwiches, but before I put them to bed, I was wondering whether you might want to welcome one of my dolls in your family? Kiki in purple has been a custom order and has already found a loving home, while Kiki in the blue-green stripey dress is looking for a cosy bed and lots of cuddles somewhere (not that she wouldn’t get all that here, too, but she is an adventurous little girl who wants to see the world). Kiki_Snow 2Kiki_Snow 9Kiki_Snow 3Kiki_Snow 8Kiki_Snow 5Kiki_SnowKiki_Snow 4

Kiki_Snow 7Kiki is getting ready for her journey in a blue and green jersey dress with leggings, crocheted shoes and undies. She will be travelling in a tote bag together with care instructions and – just in case – a repair set. Unless you live in Australia or New Zealand (or any other country with very strict custom regulations), she comes with a lavender sachet, too. Kiki is 33cm/ 13″ tall, she has a wool felt wig and bead eyes, her body is firmly stuffed with organic wool, her clothes are made from organic jersey fabrics. Warning: not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small parts, choking hazard.

Together with her accessories, Kiki costs 3.400 SEK (which is around 400$). Her flight ticket will cost 250 SEK if you live outside Europe, for European customers the shipping is 210 SEK, for Swedish customers it is 113 SEK).

If you have a cosy bed and a cup of hot cocoa to offer, please send an email to and I will pick a customer tomorrow, 17/02 at 08 p.m. CET. Payment is due within 24 hours after I have sent Kiki’s new family a notification via email (so check your inboxes tomorrow, please).

[EDIT: Kiki has found a new home, her new family has been notified. Thank you everyone who emailed me with an enquiry. I keep my fingers crossed for you the next time]Kiki_Snow 1



  1. Adorable girls. Safe travels and warm wishes in finding a new home sweet Kiki. <3

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