Today on my work table

In progress: doll head, embroidering the eyes, Atelier BjörkåsaIn progress: wig making, Atelier BjörkåsaIn progress: doll head, Atelier BjörkåsaToday on my to-do list: stuffing limbs, crocheting wigs and finishing doll faces. A boy and a girl, two siblings, soon looking for a new home via an auction. If they weren’t so chatty already, I would most certainly be able to finish them tomorrow. But if they are as ticklish as they are chatty, taking their measurements for clothes will probably turn into quite a challenge…


  1. Kristiina

    Sehr lieb :)
    Diese Kleine hat besonders bezaubernde Gesicht…

  2. Hallo Juliane,

    deine Puppen haben sich sehr verändert und die gestickten Details einfach nur perfekt – deine Handschrift.


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