Spring is here…

Spring days at BjörkåsaSpring days at Björkåsa / Winter AconitesSpring days at Björkåsa / Working outside on the kitchen stairsSpring is here. An ocean of yellow eanthis hyemalis, winter aconite, in the woodland next to our house. Happy chickens in the March sun (from the amount of eggs to tell). The first bouquets that we pick in the garden, with snowdrops, winter snowflakes and black hellebore. The cranes in the blue sky and the first bumblebees in our flower beds.

I’d love to spend all day outside, doing nothing but growing freckles and watching mosquitoes dancing in the sunlight, but I had to finish an order and sat behind my sewing machine all day. But in the afternoon, as a little treat for myself, I took a woollen blanket and my coffee cup and sat outside on the kitchen stairs in the sun, needle-felting a doll head. I kept on telling myself that the light was so much better there than in my studio. You can’t beat a proper excuse… ;-)


  1. The arrival of spring brings such happy emotions. I love it!

    • Yes, it certainly does! I can’t get enough of the light and the sweet air. In the mornings we have to shut the windows in our bedroom because the birds would wake us up way too early. But I won’t complain, those feathery friends are VERY welcome here!

  2. So beautiful – that special swedish light….Thank you for these wonderful pictures!

  3. Yay for excuses! My work often has me desk bound but in the last few days I’ve sneaked out onto the balcony to do some knitting or crochet in the sun at lunchtime. Colour choices are definitely easier to make with proper lighting… Thank you for identifying that little yellow flower for me too, I didn’t know what it was called.

    • Thank you, Eline! And while reading your comment, I noticed that the pictures in this post have the same colour combination as your beautiful dream catcher. Thank you so much for the lovely gift and hope to see you soon in Lund for a chat and a cup of coffee!

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