Instaträff / Insta Meetup in Teckomatorp

Teckomatorp_Insta 6Teckomatorp_Insta 4Teckomatorp_Insta 7Teckomatorp_Insta 11A few photos from our recent Instaträff last weekend, an Instagram meetup in Skåne. My friend Yael and I organized a small workshop on how to make notebooks from recycled materials, empty tetra packs, wallpaper scraps, ribbons, washi tape. We met at Galleri Tapper-Popermajer in Teckomatorp, a small art gallery in a former railway station, where we spent three hours of crafting, chatting, eating delicious (!) cake and enjoying a very creative atmosphere.

It is wonderful to connect with people on Instagram (you can find me there as @notesfrombjorkasa) but even more wonderful to meet in real life. Nothing beats coffee and cake, hugs and lots of laughter, some craft in your hands and bringing together people!