Ursa and Bjarne

Ursa and Bjarne by Atelier Björkåsa. Doll underwear detail.Bjarne by Atelier Björkåsa. Ursa and Bjarne by Atelier Björkåsa. Doll detail.Ursa by Atelier Björkåsa. Ursa and Bjarne, two cloth dolls that I finished last week. Both are 17.5″/ 45cm tall and made from natural materials, cotton interlock, organic sheep wool, with sculptured (needle-felted) and carefully embroidered faces and wigs made from Dolly Mo mohair. For Bjarne’s short hair, I used three different shades of yarn, it gives the short haircut a more vivid look. Both will be looking for a new home together the 3rd of April (more info can be found here soon) which gives their new family hopefully time to prepare the house for two siblings. Even if they look quite peaceful in the pictures, it might be good if they don’t share a room. One moment they can be thick as thieves, the other moment they are like cats and dogs ;-)

Bjarne and Ursa insisted to wear their nighties for the photos and I gave in, after quite some discussions. In a few days, I am going to share their story with you – stay tuned…


  1. Gloria Fragoso

    They are absolutely darling! Your work is fantastic! Love the stories you invent about your dolls! 👏👏👏

  2. Michelle

    Oh my..I love them both so much. They are so similar to my twins.

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