DIY Doll Panties Pattern

Doll Panties pattern and instructions by Atelier Björkåsa

Three years ago, I wrote a tutorial on my old blog on how to make simple doll panties. Yesterday my friend Fabs of Fig & Me asked if I could do an update and post the pattern here as well so that people could find it. Her wish was my command and in between eating breakfast, answering job emails and feeding the chickens I did a few changes and uploaded the Pdf file to my dropbox.

The pattern is for a doll size 17-22″/ 45-50cm, but can easily be adapted to other sizes as well. Click here to download (for personal use only). If you cut several pieces from different jersey fabrics at the same time, you can save a lot of time and make a nice little stash of doll undies. The pattern can easily be modified and can even be turned into leggings (just lengthen the legs), see the photos below.Nellie, a custom doll by Atelier BjörkåsaEira, a custom doll by Atelier Björkåsa

Kiki underwear by Atelier BjörkåsaI always keep boxes with lots of fabric scraps to make doll panties from. After all, dolls do not only need a toothbrush but also an extra pair of underwear when travelling! I often make sets of three as a gift for all the little dolly mamas we know who love to undress and dress their dolls.

Have fun sewing!

P.S. The long seam you see on the chest of a doll in the second picture is there for a reason. I made the doll as a custom order for a girl who was born with Trisomy 21. She had to undergo several heart surgeries which is why her doll also had a large chest scar. Because of this, I also added more small details such as the nipples which my dolls otherwise don’t have because it helped C. to recognize and name important parts of the body, hers and the ones of the doll. Gretchen by Atelier Björkåsa





  1. Sewing doll clothes is my favourite thing to do. I have a pattern of my own for sewing doll’s undies, but yours look nice too.

  2. Thank you, this is great! <3 love the doll story too :)

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