Five last-minute Ideas for Easter

Dye eggs with red cabbage and pick the first spring flowers to put on placemats (I use paper doilies). If you pick the flowers today, you could even press them for two days to use for your Easter Sunday breakfast. Last_Minute_Easter_DIY

If you too have too many eggs in your fridge and can’t stand the thought of eating ten of them hard-boiled in the coming days, make Crème anglaise or lemon curd. For the latter, I use 3 fresh organic eggs*, the juice of 3 organic lemons and the grated zest of 1 lemon, 100 gr soft butter, cut into slices, 200 gr sugar.

Whisk the eggs until they are creamy. Then add the sugar, little by little and whisk until the mix is creamy and white. Add lemon zest and juice and butter. Heat the whole mix in a double boiler/ bain-marie for about 20 minutes. Let gently simmer (not boil) and stir from time to time. When the mixtures thickens, fill the lemon curd in clean jars. They even make a nice gift if you are visiting someone during the Easter holiday.

*If you have small chickens like us and if the eggs come in various sizes, it can be a bit tricky to follow recipes. One normal-sized egg usually weighs around 60 gr – use a kitchen scale and add one small egg or two, if needed.Last_Minute_Easter_DIY 9

Make a pull-the-button surprise box as a small gift for Easter morning. I have used teeny-tiny rabbits from the toy store and made buntings from washi tape. You can find detailed instructions here.Last_Minute_Easter_DIY 4

Every year I bake an Easter plait and end up with dough leftovers. The are perfect for making miniature buns and breads for a dolly tea party. I bake them in the residual heat once the Easter plait is done. If your child won’t nibble them up over the weekend, store them in the freezer, the next dolly picnic is certain to come.Last_Minute_Easter_DIY 1

We don’t have a lot of Easter decorations (bought ones, that is). Instead, we keep it simple here and dig up flower bulbs to put in tea cups and fill eggs in old jars. The little porcelaine rabbit has its special show every Easter, this year I made buntings with stamps.

I hope you are enjoying spring days and time with your loved ones! Have a sunny and happy Easter!Last_Minute_Easter_DIY 2


  1. Lovely post! thanks for the inspiration. I read about the little boxes, fun!!!

  2. Rachel

    Thanks for this, I made two boxes and used them to hide the starting clue for our Easter egg treasure hunt.

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