The #onebouquetperday Series – Come and join us!

The #onebouquetperday series on Instagram - a daily flower bouquet project by Juliane Strittmatter / Notes from Björkåsa

In May 2013, I started with a little project for myself on Instagram under the hashtag #onebouquetperday. Every day I went on a walk to pick a bouquet of flowers, in my garden or in the meadows and the forest, took a photo and posted it on Instagram together with a description of the flowers and finding place. I didn’t have any big plans, all I wanted was to pick flowers every day for a couple of weeks and document my bouquets for myself, like a virtual flower diary.

Then I got hooked. Until the 31st of October 2013, I picked a bouquet of flowers, every day, came rain or shine. What had started as a little pastime for myself had turned into something that I couldn’t do without, something that became so essential to me that I showed signs of withdrawal when winter came and the nature around me fell asleep under blankets of rime and snow.

The year after I started with another season of my #onebouquetperday project, again from the 1st of May to the 31st of October, and so I did in 2015. Every day, come rain or shine, I picked a bouquet on my walks, 184 in total, and shared it on Instagram. Others started to join me in this project and documented their daily bouquets picked in meadows and fields, city parks and along country roads under the same hashtag. Soon the project found many new followers, and I was probably not the only one who would recharge her batteries every evening after a long and hectic day by looking at beautiful flower photos.

Today I will be starting the fourth season of my daily flower project and as the years before, others will join me to pick flowers with me and contribute to the #onebouquetperday series.

Do you too want to come with us on our virtual walks and share your daily bouquets with us? The project starts today, 1st of May, and ends the 31st of October. Set up a time frame that suits you, whether it is only two weeks or two months, you choose for how long you want to join us (but keep it realistic for yourself). Every day, you pick a take a photo and post it on Instagram (your account has to be public for doing so). Every day, come rain and shine, for as long as you want to contribute to this project. Since a lot of people will be checking the hashtag itself, I’d ask you to keep the photo description as clear as possible. Example: “My contribution to #onebouquetperday with @notesfrombjorkasa [names of flowers picked] [place of finding]”. Please post the text in the photo description and not in comments under your photo. It makes it easier for other contributors to see what you have picked and where.

Please don’t use the hashtag for any random photos of flowers, bouquets that you were given or that you have bought. The idea of this project is to explore nature on a daily basis by picking flowers yourself and we would like to keep it as simple and neat for everyone who contributes to the project and for those who like to follow the #onebouquetperday series.

I am looking forward to see a lot of lovely flower bouquets on Instagram (and you are welcome to join us, either as a contributor or as someone who simply enjoys the beauty of flowers).

Sending you a spring breeze from Sweden,



  1. Yay for the first of May! I love to follow your bouquet a day series Juliane.

  2. Oh! I wish I could join you right away, but here in Québec City, not a bloom yet (soon though, I can see my tulips popping through the newly melted snow!)!

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