1. Oh she is beautiful and she looks so full of curiosity!

  2. That open curiosity and wonder when a child explores nature for the first time…little Lily is beautiful…

  3. I think she’s a real little girl. 💛

    • I always find it amazing myself when I see them in a more natural setting (other than my workspace). She does look like a little girl ;-)

  4. She is adorable! Your hands and heart worked together very well creating this beautiful, little girl!

  5. Danielle

    Dear Juliane,
    I honestly have no words. She is absolutely perfect. Strong willed, curious and oh so bright… just like someone else so dear to my heart. She is my heart❤️ Xoxoxo

  6. Flodesneiges

    She is adorable! Love the way she seems to pay attention to the slightest things around her <3

    • Thank you so much! She didn’t want to come inside once I had taken all the photos. You know how it is with small children, fifty meter back home can take forever ;-)

  7. Dom är så vackra, dina dockor och de miljöer de vistas i. Blir så glad när jag ser att du uppdaterat. Önskar er en skön helg.

  8. Dear Juliane, This doll is truly special. I gasped when I opened to your blog…she is the perfect balance of expressiveness and simplicity, and I agree with others that she has come to life! I try not to become materialistic and jealous when I see such beauties, but my heart is taken! Someday I hope I will have the honor to have a doll made by you!

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