Elderflower Jam Recipe

The black elder hasn’t started to bloom yet, and luckily we still have a few bottles of elderflower cordial from last year in our cellar. I save those for our midsummer party in a few weeks, just in case the weather is going to thwart my plans. The jam shelves in our cellar look quite plundered though, the void is yawning between a few dusty jars with last summer’s blackcurrant and quince jelly.

Truly a favourite for our Sunday breakfast has been my elderflower jam, highly coveted by others as well, especially among some of our neighbours. Certain bribes are good to have at hand when in need of getting firewood delivered or the road up to our house ploughed of snow…

Elderflower Jam - Notes from BjörkasaThis recipe for elderflower jam has been in my old blog archives, but since it is the perfect time of the year to fill lots of jars with a golden taste of summer, I thought that you don’t mind if I share it again:

18 large elderberry flower heads
750ml apple juice (use pure, unsweetened juice)
juice of one large organic lemon
1kg jam sugar
clean and sterilized jars with screw-on lids
Elderflower Jam - Notes from Björkasa
Pick the elderberry flower heads on a sunny and dry day, preferably in the afternoon. Do not rinse, just shake gently to remove insects. Place the flowers in a sauce pan or bowl and cover with the apple juice. (I put a heavy plate on top of the flowers to make sure all of them are covered with the juice). Put a lid on the saucepan/ bowl and keep in a cool place for two to three days.

Pour the juice and the flowers through a sieve, press out the flowers. Strain the liquid through a muslin or clean kitchen towel. Add the sugar and the lemon juice and stir until dissolved. Bring gently up to the boil, then let simmer for five minutes. Take a skimmer and remove the foam on top of the mixture.

Pour the jam into the sterilized jars, put on the lid and turn them upside down. Leave to cool.
Store in a cool place, your basement or buttery and use within a year.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warmly, Juliane

Elderflower Jam - Notes from Björkasa

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    Ich liebe die Zeit der Holunderblüte…es duftet überall. Ich koche gerne Sirup und Gelee…
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