A dollmaking collaboration between Juliane/ Atelier Björkåsa, Winter/ Winterludes Dolls and Fabs/ Fig & Me

There are days when I am deeply grateful for such a precious gift as friendship. When I am still tired from a very short night in which I, instead of sleeping, listened to the news. When the coffee in the morning tastes bitter while the radio is on and while my thoughts are in Nice. When there are lots of questions and only very few answers, if at all.

When the postman brings a package with fabrics and a beautifully written card from my friend Winter. When I too wrap vintage fabrics both for her and for Fabs, write a little note for each and pick lavender in the garden so that both my friends can smell the sweet scents of our summery garden. When I think of an upcoming dollmaking collaboration the three of us have planned for quite some time, living thousands of miles apart and yet being so close, as friends and as colleagues. When labelling two kraft paper envelopes remind me of that there is so much love everywhere. Everywhere. 


  1. Cherry Heinrich

    A timely post Juliane. I am reading your post while preparing to begin a doll for my little granddaughter and reading about and looking at the beautiful dolls that you and other artists create. The inspiration and creativity in my hands is an antidote to the terrible sense of bereavement I feel due to the outcome of the reckless EU referendum here in England. It is indeed wonderful to feel connected across the world and reminded of the good things in life. Thank you.

  2. Flodesneiges

    Dear Juliane,
    Your words are a cure for my sad and wounded heart.
    Thank you,
    Flo <3

  3. Expecting such beauty and love in the mail, where the heart feels so heavy. Thank you my friend, these words, scents and friendships are so important at times like these.

  4. Debbie Poole

    Wonderful to read this. Yes our minds are on Nice and our sympathies to all.

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