Meanwhile at Björkåsa

Pattern drafting by Atelier Björkåsa

Do you know the feeling of visiting a summer cottage after a long, long winter? How you procrastinate the first visit of the season weekend after weekend because you know that you will be welcomed by a cold and uninviting house, dusty furniture, cobwebs, trapped air and the sad-looking heather that you planted in a pot next to the stairs the last time you visited the cottage in autumn?

Like every year you know that the very first visit is the most work-intense one. You will roll up your sleeves, dust the shelves, stock up on cans and firewood and candles, bring clean sheets and wipe the floor until the cottage feels cosy again, welcoming and yours.

This is how I felt about this virtual space of mine and for months I have dreaded to come here, share photos and stories. Not because there wasn’t something to tell and share (there always is) but because I felt I had to move some furniture, paint the walls, reorganize all those virtual boxes that have piled up in here before the blog would feel like my space again.

Now winter has almost passed and after a long break I have decided that it is about time to do some dusting in my virtual home and fill the blog with fresh air and a little update. For now, wiping the floor and opening the windows will do, I save the major spring clean for the coming weeks.

Three dolls will each be looking for a new home coming weekend and I am looking forward to sharing their story with you on Friday so that you have time enough to become acquainted with my Snowdrop Girls (and hopefully fall in love with them as much as I did). Each stands 43cm/ 17″ tall and comes with two sets of clothes, they will be available in my webshop on Saturday, more info on this in the upcoming blog post. If you want to take a sneak peek, you are welcome take a stroll over to my Facebook business page where I have added a few photos.

Also, I have opened a second Instagram account, a decision that has taken me some time to come to. Quite a few of you have been following my #onebouquetperday project (the 2017 season will be starting soon) and I have decided to keep it simple with one account for my daily bouquets and with another one for my work as a dollmaker. I switched names to make it as easy as possible – if you want to follow my #onebouquetperday flower series, I can be found here as @onebouquetperday and if you want to get a sneak peeks at my dolls, I can be found here as @notesfrombjorkasa.

I am happy that you have come back here to gather around my table and sip a cup of tea with me (please, ignore those unpacked boxes behind you) and I look forward to sharing glimpses from Björkåsa with you.

Warm greetings from the south of Sweden,







  1. Veronika

    Ach, wie ich mich freue, dich hier wieder zu sehen! Schönste Vorfrühlingsgrüße aus Deutschland

  2. Barbara

    Wie schön wieder von dir zu lesen!
    Lg aus Wien

    • Juliane

      Schön, daß du mich hier besuchst! Ganz herzliche Grüße nach Wien!

  3. Anja Borrink

    I am happy that you are back and hope you are in good health!

    • Juliane

      Dank je wel, Anja! And yes, everything is fine despite a very long (and dark) winter…

  4. Margrit

    Thank goodness you are back, I have so missed your dolls and your stories. I can’t wait to see those boxes unpacked and for more lovelies to come from them ☺

    • Juliane

      Thank you for coming back, Margrit! I look forward to sharing my stories with you <3

    • Juliane

      Schneeglöckchengrüße zurück in den Süden!

  5. Kristiina

    Ich bin sehr Froh, dass es dir gut geht (habe bereits besorgt).
    Liebe Grüsse :)

    • Juliane

      Danke, liebe Kristiina. Auch für deine liebe Email <3

    • Juliane

      Thank you so much for visiting, Heidi!

  6. Marijke

    So glad everything is allright with you!! I am very happy you are ok and long to hear and read from you again. Love from Marijke

    • Juliane

      So glad to see you here again, Marijke! I am fine, thank you, I just wasn’t in a blogging mood at all in the past few months (but will do my best to spend more time here again)

  7. Desiree

    I came across your blog sometime ago but did not have time to read it. But I am so happy I took the time to subscribe because now I’ve read your latest notes from Bjorkasa I’m hooked! You tell such beautiful stories and your photos are amazing!
    Hope to see/read more of you soon!

    • Juliane

      Welcome at Björkåsa, Desiree! My blog got buried under quite a bit of snow in the past few months, but Spring is around the corner and I am looking forward to sharing stories with you!

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