A Winter Comeback

Kiki | cloth doll by Atelier BjörkåsaBjörkåsa View

Eggs from BjörkåsaView from my studio | BjörkåsaWinter has staged a fulminant comeback last night at Björkåsa. Chantilly lace high up in the tree tops, glittering sequins on the roof and white blankets in the meadow. Mister Winter sure has a sense for style…

I bring in baskets with firewood, say hello to Kiki whom I meet on my way to the barn, gather all the eggs that Feodora, Theodora, Fidelia, Dolores and the rest of the flock laid in the morning and enjoy the view above (this is how it looks like from my studio today, despite the dirty windows).

I promised you a post about the Snowdrop Sisters who will be looking for a new home tomorrow in my webshop. Their story can be found on the blog tonight (which means desk time for me now and no snowy walk). In the meantime, you can sneak a peek here.

Have a sunny day – and see you later here at Björkåsa!





  1. Katharina

    I am happy that you are back! I often visit your blog to see if you have written a new post. Thank you so much for the beautiful winter photos, I have missed Kiki a lot (and I love the sweater you are wearing)

    • Juliane

      Thank you so much for your kind lines, Katharina! Glad to hear that you take virtual strolls at Björkåsa every now and then!

  2. Mara Alverson

    Are these dolls really $1,108 usd or have I miscalculated?

    • Juliane

      Depending on the currency converter you use and the exchange rate, they are +/- $1.100

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