After Sauna, the Swedish Way

After sauna - a cloth doll by Atelier Björkåsa

After sauna | two dolls by Atelier Björkåsa

After sauna, the Swedish way | two cloth dolls by Atelier Björkåsa Taking a break from sauna, the Swedish way (in lieu of a dip in icy waters). Are there any better ways to strengthen your immune system? I took these photos the other day and to tell from their giggles, these two did enjoy a roll in the snow after the sauna heat ;-)

Hopefully your Monday started with lots of sun, too. I will spend my last day in Berlin today and will travel back to Sweden with lots of new ideas and inspiration. I keep my fingers crossed for as little snow as possible, but the weather report is rather adverse, freezing temperatures and sleet. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the warm and sunny days in my hometown where spring has been on its best behaviour. Soon, soon, spring will arrive at Björkåsa, too, with all of its entourage…

Happy new week to you all!

After sauna, the Swedish way - cloth doll detail, Atelier Björkåsa


  1. Michelle Kerle-Taylor

    Love those little piggy tails!

  2. lovely !

    (we have a sauna in the house … but no snow )

    • Juliane

      And we have snow (a little bit at least) yet no sauna. Whichever way you look at it, the combination of both works best ;-)

  3. Cherry Heinrich

    Cheering story, thank you. Cherry blossom just breaking here in UK, a harbinger of spring.

    • Juliane

      Cherry blossoms in March, that sounds so lovely! We have to exercise patience, but eventually spring will find its way to the north as well…

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