Spring Greetings and Last Summer’s Memories

Spring greetings and last summer's memories from Björkåsa

Spring greetings and last summer's memories from BjörkåsaSpring greetings and last summer's memories from Björkåsa

Packing dolls, sending spring greetings and last summer’s memories to places far away… Tiny packages made from parchment paper, filled with dandelion seeds and tied with golden string. Dried hydrangea that grew behind our house. Adding small cards with a photo print of a posy of meadow saxifrage that I picked the 16th of May 2016 and writing a few lines on the back. Can you tell that I love getting packages ready for my customers?

In a few weeks, I will start with my #onebouquetperday project on Instagram again. One hundred and eighty-four bouquets, picked (and photographed) each day between the 1st of May and 31st of October. It is the fifth year that I am running this series and each year I feel some kind of relief when the last flowers are picked at the end of October and I can wave the project goodbye for half a year. But when the first harbingers of Spring appear, my hands start to tingle and I can’t wait to start again.

If you want to follow the project (the new season starts 1st of May), you can find me on Instagram as @onebouquetperday. If you want to see what my hands create when they are not picking flowers, you can follow my work as a dollmaker on my other account @notesfrombjorkasa

Sending you a spring breeze from Björkåsa (today I heard the lark singing for the first time this year),