Behind closed doors…

Atelier Björkåsa

it seems so quiet in here, but behind closed doors, it is anything else but quiet. I spend most of my days in deafening noise behind a circular saw, ruin clothes with linseed oil paint and get blisters from the hot glue gun. No tendinitis yet, luckily, which is why I crocheted a few rows today while having my morning coffee before I left home to continue to work in the spacious wood workshop of my friends where there is plenty of space and quiet (unless I turn on the circular saw, that is).

If you follow me on Instagram (where I can be found as @notesfrombjorkasa), you might have seen a few glimpses that I shared via Insta Stories. A shingled roof, a hayloft door, weathered boards and chipped windows, all in 1:5 scale – can you guess what I am working on and for whom?

I am very much looking forward to share photos with you (and tell you more about the creative process and the construction) but that might have to wait until end of April. Although it is spring already, I still want to introduce Oda Amelia to you, a sweet little gal that moved to her new family in January. Her story is so lovely that I hope you don’t mind seeing a bit of snow even though the wood anemones and grape hyacinths are in full bloom here at Björkåsa.

If I am not drilling holes or painting small roof shingles, I am currently finishing a custom doll as well as two little fellows for my webshop. I was optimistic and thought I could put these two on my virtual shop shelves before Easter, but that was wishful thinking. If you are interested in a 17″ doll, stay tuned – a boy and a girl will be looking for new homes soon.

Hope your week started sunny – and thank you for popping in here from time to time, even though it seems quiet.



[EDIT: In the meantime, I have added a little work-in-progress video of Kiki’s cottage to my Instagram. Have fun watching it!]



  1. Cherry Heinrich

    Yes I can guess and I’m now really looking forward to seeing it, though probably not as much as someone close to you.

    • Juliane

      I am looking forward to seeing it finished, too, Cherry. It has taken me such long time from the first sketches to finally building it, but I do enjoy the creative process.

    • Juliane

      Yes, Kiki is finally moving to a new home. A few years ago I made her a little cottage, which was more of a wooden box with windows in, quickly cobbled together. I always struggled with photographing it from the right angles and since it was never meant to be the final version, I eventually sat down and did sketches on the ‘real’ cottage. However, it has taken me some time to put that plan into action. I have updated the blog post with the link to a video I put up on Instagram where you can get a few impressions…

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