Busy as the Bumblebees

Kiki at Björkåsa


Kiki and wood anemonesThe last wood anemones, the first freckles and a warm breeze (although Kiki insists wearing a woollen scarf). This time of the year is the busiest here at Björkåsa, not only for the bumblebees. I don’t seem to find time and leisure for sitting in front of the laptop, writing long blog posts and editing photos but decided to at least share these three with you here on the blog. I have started with my #onebouquetperday project again (the first photo is taken from the series), new baby chickens hatched, the grass in the meadow behind our barn needs to see a scythe and the rhubarb is as high as the village church. With a bit of imagination, that is. In other words: We are as busy as the bumblebees, from dawn to dusk ;-)

Sending you a sweet spring breeze from Björkåsa,



  1. Ahhhh, see it’s Spring at last : Kiki in the faded winter aconites and still some lovely white anemones …

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