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Summer Work Table

Della, a 17"/ 45cm cloth doll by Atelier Björkåsa

A few days ago, summer has decided to make a big entrance after a rather cold and late spring. In no time, the delicate verdure turned into a lush green and the temperatures went up to 27° Celsius. A stuffiness that made you unable to think properly, only the chickens basked in the sun, they loved the sweltering heat.

Today I put an old garden table in the shade under the old oak tree down the hill. It is one of my favourite spots here at Björkåsa, and those fifty metres walk through our woodland always seem like a little eternity, making me feel that I am in a place far away. It is peaceful and quiet there, just the right atmosphere to put up a temporary work space on hot summer days.

I have finished the last small details of Della’s clothes today and keep my fingers crossed for good weather in the coming days to take decent photos of everything. Della is a 17″/ 45cm tall doll that will be looking for a new home in my webshop coming Sunday (4th of June). Yesterday I found her way past bedtime taking a stroll in the meadow, barefooted and with tousled hair, not to mention that she hadn’t brushed her teeth. I tried to look stern, but it was such a lovely evening, perfect for a summer stroll, so who could blame her?




  1. I would love to join you there, at this nice location. Maybe time will stand still overthere, so I could make some new dolls.

  2. Della looks with wonder at your wonderful and shady outside work spot !

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