Summer Clothes (and Hungry Horses)

Doll Dresses

June already. Workwise I feel that I am behind with quite a few things on my to-do lists, as it uses to be at this time of the year. The garden needs a lot of maintenance, I am constantly chasing away our nosy chickens from freshly planted vegetable seedlings, while the grass grows quicker than quick, although I changed my daily workout to be more seasonable – from chopping firewood to scything the meadow.

Doll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa Doll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa

Last week I did a major (late) spring cleaning in my studio and decided that it was time for a summer wardrobe renewal. Not my own wardrobe, that is, but for 17″/ 45cm cloth dolls – five sets of summery and frilly clothes, each comes with a coat, a dress and leggings, perfect to mix and match (if you happen to buy more than one set). Together with Della Aurora, my latest doll, the five sets will be listed in my webshop tomorrow, 4th of June at 18:00 EDT.

Doll clothes and lavender sachets by Atelier BjörkåsaDoll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa

Tonight I will edit the many, many photos of Della Aurora’s story and look forward to sharing them with you tomorrow here on the blog. Della Aurora also helped me to model a few of the clothes today – as well as the most enchanting gift that I received from a blog reader, a little wooden hobbyhorse made by her husband, who has a turner’s workshop in the Ore Mountains in Germany. A few years ago I got the tiniest, tiniest Christmas tree made by Uwe Uhlig (my reader’s husband) a handshaved ornament, often used on Christmas pyramids and a traditional craft in the Ore Mountains. If you want to take a sneak peek into Uwe’s workshop, you can take a look here, it is an adorable little film (wait what happens in the workshop once he has left for the day)

Doll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa Doll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa

I hope your Whitsun weekend is a sunny and relaxed one and that you get to enjoy a long walk or your first dip in the sea (I still haven’t accomplished the latter this year). See you tomorrow or (next week, whenever you decide to pay me a visit again) here on the blog, then with Della Aurora’s story and a few things less on my to-do list.



P.S. Della Aurora insisted to take her horsy on a little evening walk and when she came back, she told me that her wooden friend had “eaten the whole meadow”. Sounds perfect to me – less grass to cut tomorrow ;-)

Doll Clothes by Atelier Björkåsa



  1. Have to go and check that little film for sure. As usual, everything is so precious and I am sure Della Aurora will find a home in no time. Who could resist those winsome eyes?

  2. Had a quick peek at those clothes – they are bundles of lushness, such lovely colour combinations.
    Susie x
    Ps. Just read Fabs comment – and I need to use the word ‘winsome’ more in my vocabulary. ‘Winsome’ it has such a whimsical quality to it!

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