How to count blueberries

Right after lunch, as every Sunday
When grandfather takes a nap
On the kitchen bench
I whip round to see Kiki

I climb over the garden fence
Run down the sandy path
Along the raspberry bushes
Through the meadow

And there she sits
On a moss-covered stone
In the afternoon sun
And wiggles her ears

So, I ask, a bit breathless still.
Did you stock up your pantry
On mushrooms, ripe blueberries
And wild strawberries today?

Nope, Kiki mumbles
Kept an eye on the numbers all day
Was busy, a lot, she says
And scribbles on a bit of paper

I know the problem
(The numbers, I mean)
Eighteen and eighty, sixteen and sixty
Grandfather always mixes them up

But if Kiki stocks up her pantry
On mushrooms, ripe blueberries
And wild strawberries
She cannot lose count

Because when it begins to snow
And Kiki does nothing but
Filling baskets with firewood
She needs something to nibble, each day

There were twenty-five mushrooms, Kiki says
While scribbling on that tiny bit of paper
And when I counted a second time
There were twenty-five still, so that seems fine

But when I counted the blueberries
There were fifty at first, then only twelve
And to my surprise, the third time I counted
Only ten were left, very odd

Something must be wrong then
With all the numbers, I say
Or with the blueberries, Kiki whispers
But let me count once more

One, four and six, she mumbles
Puts number seven into her mouth
And says, with a deep sigh:
Only six blueberries in the basket, see?

I see, I say and scratch my head.
You’d better stop counting then, Kiki
If you want to stock up your pantry
Before winter sets in

Two-and-a-half months left, Kiki says
If I haven’t lost count, that is


Hope your weekend is a summery one (here it feels pretty much like autumn today, but at least the chanterelles shoot up everywhere, thanks to all the rain). When the sun was out yesterday, I decided to take a few photos of Kiki and thought I’d share them with you because it has been a while since I last updated the blog.

If you want more frequent updates on what is happening behind the scenes, you are welcome to meet me on Instagram to see me making dolls or picking flowers (I have two accounts).

Sending you summer greetings from a grey and rainy Björkåsa,





  1. Ha ha, she counts blueberries like all children I know, with sticky fingers and purple mouths!

  2. Cherry Heinrich

    I hope the suns shines on you and Kiki before too long – Kiki definitely is not in her summer clothes! But our soft fruit likes the rain in England too….

  3. This is the way I counted raspberries when I was a child, lol. One into the mouth, one into the basket, that was our rule at home or else our mother wouldn’t have been able to make any jam or bake fruit pies.

  4. Susan Gannon

    Enchanting. These photographs provide such sweet repose. Thank you, Juliane, for what you give.

  5. Kristiina

    :) must be careful, when you deal with numbers

  6. Marijke

    Thanks a lot for all your adventures kiki

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