Doll Making Details

I haven’t been very good at keeping the blog updated in the past few weeks, but wanted to share just a few photos with you that I have recently taken while I was working on dolls. From embroidering doll eyes outside in the garden in daylight (which is the best light to work in)…

…to stuffing doll limbs, happy that we had a rather cold summer, working with sheep wool in 30° Celsius isn’t fun…

Sculpting doll heads in the garden, first dry felted with a felting needle, then wet felted for an even smoother texture. Also, I have been working on the most important things (according to L. and K., that is)…

…well-hidden in undies – followed by bellybuttons, chubby knees, little bums and all those small yet important details that all my dolls get.

And last but not least a link to a mini film tutorial on how I make my mohair doll wigs in case you’ve missed it on my Instagram.

Sending you my warmest greetings from a today rather autumnal Björkåsa,






  1. Love to get a little insight in the long, long work ;-)
    (I know : made some once …)

    • Juliane

      Yes, those of us who made a doll (or two, or fifty) know how much work goes into it. Thank you for your kind words, Els.

  2. Kristiina

    Thank You!
    It is such a lovely gift in sunday morning.

  3. Mary Hirsch-Jones

    Do you needle felt the limbs prior to stuffing into the skin fabric? I’ve never wet felted the head and want to try!

    • Juliane

      I needle felt only parts of the limbs and combine it with traditional stuffing (sometimes rolling) – it depends on the size of the doll.

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