All you need for the perfect play fort

All you need for the perfect play fort

Is a blanket or two and a light-blue coffee can
The world map from grandpa’s atlas, page fourteen
A flashlight, three cushions and a spoon
Chocolate sprinkles and string, of course

You will also need auntie Ann’s nightgown
A bedlinen, ten heavy books and an apple
The buntings that you kept from last year’s birthday cake
A napkin, a sugar bowl and five clothes pegs

If possible, pull your handcart to an old barn
With bales of hay, three spiders and a bit of dust
It would be convenient if you’d also
Could find an old chair (a ladder will do, too)

First of all, unravel the crochet work (did I mention that?)
That you found in grandma’s old yarn basket
Then limb on the hay bale and tie the string
Around the old chair (or the ladder, as said)

Pull out auntie Ann’s nightgown from under the cushions
And throw it over the string that you tightened
It might be tricky at first, but if you are two
You can give each other a helping hand

Remember the scissors that I asked you to bring?
Now you need them to cut the blanket in two
Then have the clothes pegs handy
And voilà! Your fort almost is finished

The next thing you do is to measure thoroughly
The height of the hay bales, from bottom to top
Be careful though, each centimetre counts
Because left on our list is to build proper stairs

You’ll need ten books, preferably heavy ones
Shakespeare is fine and Goethe will do
Pile up, like so, and step on each stair tread cautiously
Until you reach the tightrope in three metres height

If you are brave, you can sit sky-high and keep watch
(Like Ebba does here in the photo)
Then take a deep breath and jump down in the hay
Or do a backflip (whatever suits you)

I did give you a list for food, didn’t I?
Because a true fort has to be equipped
With apples, cookies, chocolate sprinkles
A bottle of milk (and compass, for any eventuality)

There is one last thing I wanted to say
For as much auntie Ann might look for her nightgown
And grandpa ask about his atlas, page fourteen
Just say: It was a squirrel, perhaps

Because the fort in the barn is our secret, right?


Ebba and Viggo are two 17″/ 45cm tall siblings. On Tuesday they will both waiting for a new family in my webshop and I keep my fingers crossed for each of them to find a loving new home. Although both are still in the pyjamas here, they both come with two additional sets of clothes each (you can see a few more details here), the full listings with additional photos will be posted tomorrow.

Thank you so much – and have a good start to the new week!







  1. These two have had just the best fun! I love the picture of Ebba upside down, oh and Viggo with his hair full of straw.
    Susie x

    • Juliane

      Thank you so much, Susie! August was the best time when I was a child. All those straw bales and haystacks we could climb upon and jump from (not sure the farmers enjoyed it as much as we did ;-)

    • Juliane

      Thank you, dear Twink! I hope you had a lovely summer so far <3

  2. Oh my! You make the most beautiful dolls, Julianne. I always feel like a child when I read your enchanting stories, thank you so much.

    • Juliane

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Eve. I am happy I could take you into the world of your childhood for a moment or two.

  3. Kristiina

    I always admire Your stories- the whole composition, idea, expressions…
    well, my language skills are not good enough to express all the details I enjoy. Thank You, so much!

    • Juliane

      Thank you, dear Kristiina (and I owe you a long letter, you know why). The truth is that I too struggle with language difficulties and it would be so much easier to write in my native language and not in English. A long time ago I have decided to be less afraid of expressing myself in a foreign language. I know I make mistakes, but I don’t write literature, I write a blog.
      Yesterday I was feeling extremely exhausted but wanted to keep my promise to post Viggo’s and Ebba’s story and whatever I wrote, it felt jejune. I then decided to keep it simple and write some kind of tutorial and not a lengthy story. Often it is better to ignore those inner critics and just do it, because in the end, the result will still be good enough.

      Sending you my warmest thoughts from Skåne,


    • Juliane

      Thank you, Annemieke. Although I add a few features, I want to keep my dolls simple. Nowadays it is mostly collectors that buy my dolls, but I love the simple and child-friendly style :-)

  4. Liebe Juliane,
    ich bin (wieder einmal) begeistert, von Deinen liebevoll gestalteten Puppen. Dieses Mal umso mehr-denn der kleine Junge (Viggo) sieht fast so aus wie mein Fiete. Ich liebe Deine herzerwärmenden Werke, Deine Geschichten… Und ich hoffe, dass ich noch ganz viele derer miterleben kann.

    Fühl Dich ganz herzlich umarmt,


  5. Michaela

    Liebe Juliane, was soll ich sagen. Ich bin so begeistert…. Wunderschön. Besonders die Lippen finde ich so schön…einfach alles…
    Ganz liebe Grüße Michaela 💕

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