Souvenirs from Switzerland (and why it has been so quiet in here)

Souvernirs from Switzerland

Souvernirs from SwitzerlandAfter two weeks in Switzerland I am back at Björkåsa. If you are following me on my two Instagram accounts (here and here), you might have already seen a few impressions from my little Tour de Suisse in my Instastories. During eight days of my trip, I stayed on my own at a remote hut in the mountains, with more than half an hour by foot to the next inhabited house. Eight days of quiet and contemplation, of long hikes and lots of sunshine, the scent of wild thyme and occasional nightly visits of foxes, martens and mice.

I arrived already on monday, but needed a few days to settle in again after two intense weeks in the Alps. I brought a few lovely souvenirs from Switzerland, most of them found at thrift stores – handknitted socks, vintage postcards, an old hot-water bottle for cold feet, 1950s crockery, a little hand-carved cow from Heimatwerk, edelweiß soap and an old compote jar, vintage fabric, chocolate and a (new) Darvida tin. On one of the days I met with my dollmaker colleague Sonja who gave me the nicest handspun angora yarn. I also brought a lot of rosehips and barberries that I had stringed up to dry at the hut, as well as dried porcini, escargot shells and hazelnuts that I had found on my hikes. But most of all I came home with a lot of wonderful memories, a lot of inspiration and ideas for my work – especially for someone called Kiki…

In my camera I have lots and lots of photos of an amazing stay and look forward to sharing my adventures with you and some thoughts on why travelling on your own can have a great impact on your creativity.

From a very rainy southern Sweden I send you my warmest greetings,




  1. Susanne

    Das sind aber schöne Mitbringsel aus der Schweiz! Ich bin auch so jemand, der mit Taschen voll mit Schneckenhäusern, Blumensamen und allerlei Zeugs aus dem Urlaub kommt. Das allermeiste kann man heutzutage zudem (leider) fast überall kaufen, früher war es ja noch “besonderer”, wenn man jemandem Guetsli aus der Schweiz oder Käse aus Frankreich mitgebracht hat, da sind mir so Naturschätze am liebsten. Die grünen Weckgläser hatte meine Großmama übrigens auch ;-)

  2. I’m inspired by your contemplative spirit and solo travel, Julianne.

  3. Donna Ross

    Thank you, Julianne, for your inspirational images and words; they radiate your curiosity, creativity, and sense of adventure.

  4. Maximiliane Reder

    Ich bin gespannt wie es mit Kiki weitergeht. Vielleicht gibt es ja doch bald eine Anleitung auf deutsch. Das dritte Enkelkind wartet auf seine Puppe.

    Liebe Grüße

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