October Days

October Days at Björkåsa

October Days at BjörkåsaOctober Days at Björkåsa October Days at Björkåsa

September went by and October is here. Yesterday I went on a long walk and picked heather, blackthorn berries, lady’s thumb and hoary alyssum in a meadow nearby. Only thirty bouquets left for this year’s #onebouquetperday project, thirty more days to get ready for the quiet season, for putting the garden to rest for the winter months, for changing into a more gentle pace.

This week I will spend on preparing Christmas orders, five more custom dolls that need to be finished as well as a doll for my webshop. The fact that the weather will be ghastly (according to the forecast) makes me feel quite content, it means spending hours by the warm fireplace, crocheting wigs and needlefelting doll heads while it is pouring down with rain. No gardening that takes my mind off work, no long walks in the woods to forage mushrooms…

Sending you an autumn breeze from Björkåsa,