Crispy mornings

Winter morning at Björkåsa

Chouko - a 17" cloth doll by Atelier Björkåsa

Winter has come to Björkåsa. Only a few days ago, I finished this year’s #onebouquetperday project and picked the last flowers in the meadow behind our old barn. Today in the morning I was greeted with hoarfrost as far as the eye could see and a beautiful blue winter sky above the moor.

With a woollen coat over my nightgown and a warm shawl, I braved the pinching cold and took a few doll portraits behind the barn in the soft winter light and then spent half an hour thawing my frozen fingertips by the crackling fireplace. This is also where I will spend the rest of the day, finishing the last doll clothes for this little fellow.

Chouko, a 17″/ 45cm doll (available in my webshop this weekend), is part of a collaboration with my friends and colleagues Winter of Winterludes and Fabs of Fig & Me and we are looking forward to introducing our creations with you in the coming days.

Sending you a winter breeze from a glittering Björkåsa,


P.S. Are you too longing for crispy winter days? Here you can find a tutorial from last year on how to cover pine cones, leaves and other twigs with glittering frost.

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  1. Ahhhh, lovely cold bright pictures, Juliane !!!
    HA love how the doll’s hair aligns with the frost ;-)

    (will surely try that tip about the winter-white pine cones, thank you)

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