Bouquet_Collage_onebouquetperday_newThe #onebouquetperday Project

In May 2013 I joined Instagram. Every blogger I knew used it but I was very undecided how to start as I didn’t want to share a lot of personal photos or images of dolls. Instead, I decided to challenge myself to pick a bouquet of (often) wildflowers every day, take a photo, write down what kind of flowers I had picked (and where) and post it on Instagram. That was how the #onebouquetperday project started, back then under my old Instagram name @frokenskicklig.

The weeks passed and picking flowers became my daily routine. Summer came and went and I was still picking bouquets on my walks through the meadows, fields and forests or in our garden. On the 31st of October I decided that it was time for a winter break and by then quite a few people had started to follow me on my daily flower walks. In 2014 I continued with my series, I began at the start of May and finished the project at the end of October. A lot of people were inspired to join me and began to contribute daily bouquets under the hashtag #onebouquetperday on Instagram. I continued the project in 2015, every day without exception, again from the beginning of May until the end of October.

I take most of the flower photos myself, with the help of a tripod and a remote control. Experimenting with shadows and light and with colours and textures is something I really enjoy and I am learning more about how to use my camera with every photo I take. The #onebouquetperday project is more than just a series of flower photos. Through this
project, I have met many inspiring people, both online and offline. It has helped me to get to know my new surroundings after I moved to Sweden. Taking walks, even if only for ten minutes, every day, in all weathers, keeps me in tune with myself and with nature. My work can be quite stressful and demanding sometimes and picking flowers allows me to find my pace again, it really soothes my mind.

The new season of the #onebouquetperday project will start on Instagram in May 2017. Maybe you would like to join us in this project, too?